Load Line Marine is committed to providing its clients with services of the highest quality, operated by its well-trained personnel, exceeding the safety standards and regulations, adding value to its stakeholders and the society, while respecting the environment and its employees, both onboard and ashore.


Load Line Marine’s objectives are to exploit the current market conditions in order to:

  • satisfy its customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner,
  • become the means towards success for both its clients and employees,
  • achieve fleet expansion timely and selectively,
  • protect the environment,
  • maintain occupational health,
  • be socially responsible.


Load Line Marine S A, with its experienced management team, seeks to focus on achieving high performance in order to ensure consistently top standards in a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

Corporate Culture

Load Line Marine S A is a team-oriented company, where each individual shares common passion, values, ethics and promotes the company’s mission and goals.  Load Line Marine S A is a positive workplace, where recruitment has been selectively made from the cream of the crop.  In Load Line Marine S A, everyone feels appreciated and respected, personal development is continuously encouraged, a fact that justifies the loyalty of its personnel, both onboard and ashore.  Load Line Marine S A firmly believes in the power of knowledge and gives the opportunity to its employees to develop their skills in several matters, keeping them motivated and alerted with regards to the new requirements of the industry, improving them both personally and professionally.  Load Line Marine’s culture contributes into forging strong long-term relationships, not only between the personnel and the company, but also with its clients. These relationships are built upon trust, integrity and respect, leading the company towards success.